One hundred percent natural, 100% non-GMO, lower calories and sugar, more vitamins and vegetables first – that’s what new super premium vegetable juice SaladPower delivers, and more.

SaladPower is jam-packed with 2.75 servings of vegetables. Every carton of 100 percent juice includes kale, carrot, spinach, tomato, celery, green bell pepper and cucumbers, while some varieties contain fruit as well. SaladPower is available in four flavors: Just Veggies, +Mango, +Apple and +Pineapple, with a suggested retail price of $2.99 per bottle.

“We put only the best ingredients into SaladPower,” says Stephan Lotfi, CEO. “We use sustainably grown non-GMO vegetables and fruits, along with naturally sourced vitamin C for an extra boost, and we make sure our price point stays reasonable. There’s no funny business in our juices because simple ingredients always work best.” 

SaladPower’s packaging by Tetra Pak ( was carefully chosen to reflect these values of providing a natural, affordable and nutritious juice. “By using a Tetra Pak aseptic carton, the product is better protected against light and oxygen, meaning the nutritional value of the vegetables and fruits are maintained and there is no need for preservatives or artificial ingredients,” says Lotfi. 

It also was important that the SaladPower packaging be eco-friendly. Tetra Pak cartons are smart for the planet and preserve precious natural resources. They are mainly made from a renewable resource – paper made from selectively harvested, regrown trees – and are recyclable.

SaladPower was created by Lotfi and his longtime friend Nikhil Wagh, who holds the COO position at the rapidly-growing company. As fitness and health enthusiasts, they wanted to create a healthier, cleaner juice option that was both refreshing and of the highest quality. SaladPower is currently available online through Vegan Cuts and Ryze.