With the olive industry facing the challenges of manufacturing safe products for both consumers and kitchen workers, leading supplier Agro Sevilla (agrosevilla.com), in co-operation with RPC Promens  (rpc-group.com) Consumer Corby, has developed a 2 liter multilayer plastic jar for the foodservice sector.

The new PEP olive jar is manufactured in polypropylene with an EVOH layer to protect products from oxygen ingress for an extended ambient shelf life. As well as being easy to handle and store and eliminating the dangers of glass fragments, the jar is completely airtight and allows pasteurization and sterilization to guarantee the flavor, freshness and safety of the olives throughout their entire shelf life.

In addition, the jar offers important logistics advantages compared to glass, as the light weight and rectangular shape substantially improves the capacity of each freight container as well as making manual handling easier and safer.

Agro Sevilla group is Spain’s largest producer and exporter of table olives, and one of the main exporters of olive oil, supplying to over 75 countries worldwide. The company has factories in Spain and Chile and distribution subsidiaries in the USA and Italy.