Luxury goods across the board aim to create a unique and enjoyable experience for consumers. From expensive confections to high-end spirits, perfume and cosmetics, each luxury item aims to have that ‘wow factor.” Luxury goods packaging must do the same, with innovative shapes, designs and materials, luxury packaging must deliver more than just functionality, it must be beautiful.

The Issey Miyake fashion line has been renowned for its signature pleats for decades. The packaging of Pleats Please L'Élixir perfume incorporates that signature with a pleated top, wrapped in a pleated bag and an outer box printed with an embossed pleated design. The bright white carton board and the use of metallic ink really showcases the brand signature design, the pleat, while brightening up store shelves with its originality and beauty.

Another cosmetics/ personal care line is bringing aesthetics to the mix with its packaging. TRESemmé hair care brand prides itself on being a luxury brand available at the drugstore and with drugstore prices. Unilever, who owns the brand, partnered with CROWN Aerosol Packaging North America ( to introduce the new TRESemmé Expert Selection premium hair spray line.

“The hair care market has seen positive, consistent growth every year, and by 2018, it is expected to reach over $12 billion in sales, with premium brands responsible for a large percentage of that growth,” says Melissa Quintana, marketing manager, CROWN Aerosol Packaging North American.

Crown worked with Unilever to provide the brand giant with two distinctive features to make this new can stand out. The first was utilizing a new can size that was different from previous TRESemmé hairspray cans. The 52mm diameter can not only provides a modern, sleek look, but is also a unique size compared to similar brands in this market. In addition to the can size, the printing is unique to the market. The super matte varnish paired with segmented high-gloss highlights is a concept not commonly seen in three-piece aerosol can printing.

From personal care to cosmetics and even food and beverage items, premium packaging is making its way into more of the goods we touch every day. More traditional items are taking cues from the luxury market to offer consumers a premium experience complete with upscale packaging. The luxury goods market is expanding with the help of printing techniques, textures and design traits that are sure to impress.