VerifyMe, Inc. (, a pioneer in patented physical, cyber and biometric technology solutions that prevent identity theft, counterfeiting and fraud, announces it has finalized an agreement to provide its proprietary anti-counterfeit features for GuardLab, Inc.’s products and packaging. GuardLab is a custom mouthguard company using 3D scanning and printing technologies to provide athletes with the most custom fit and protection available for their teeth and gums. The two companies expect VerifyMe’s authentication technology to be incorporated into GuardLab products before the second quarter of 2016. This agreement marks VerifyMe’s first partnership with a medical device manufacturer.

“VerifyMe is proud to offer the first consumer safety and protection solutions that allow anybody to authenticate whether the product they’ve received is genuine or fake,” says Paul Donfried, CEO of VerifyMe. “GuardLab has incredibly advanced technology to help protect their customers and enhance their performance. They want those customers to have no doubt about the authenticity of their mouthguards, and we’re very proud they’ve chosen our solutions.”

“At GuardLab we focus on ensuring our product is the best available and our customers deserve to know their purchase is genuine. VerifyMe allows us to do that simply and effectively,” says Aidan Butler, CEO of GuardLab.

Americans spent $81 million on mouthguards in the U.S. in 2014, according to Statistica. VerifyMe’s anti-counterfeiting technologies can be applied to the broader $321 billion medical device industry.

VerifyMe is able to individually design each unique anti-counterfeiting solution at a cost, quality and speed that disrupts the anti-counterfeiting industry. The VerifyMe solution utilizes unique security inks combined with advanced digital printing technology to deliver a consumer level anti-counterfeiting feature that doesn’t require any specialized detection equipment.

VerifyMe solutions provide consumer safety and protection that can be widely used across many industries including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, baby products, cosmetics and automotive parts, to name a few.