Stäubli Robotics ( will be hosting Automotive Technology Days 2016 in Novi, MI, at the Suburban Collection Showplace from May 24-25. The two-day event offers a unique opportunity to explore how Stäubli and its partners are driving Automotive Supplier Solutions.

The Automotive Technology Days will be an exciting event geared toward automotive professionals in engineering and manufacturing who want to maximize efficiency and maximize value in their workflow. Stäubli’s industry experts will be present to demonstrate how their top of the line robotic technology can help cleanly and efficiently. There will be live robot demonstrations and workshops to attend, a variety of guest speakers over the course of two seminars, and vendor showcases to peruse.

Vendor seminar topics on May 24th and 25th include: Edgewater Automation: Automation’s Global Capabilities Overview”; Diverse Automation “Online Contracting, Cloud Robotics and the Advances in Sensors”; Applied Manufacturing “Preparing for Automation”; Lanco Integrated “Utilizing Robotics in Flex Feeding and Assembly Systems”; Calvary Automation Systems “Flexible Robotic Application”; Gudel “Expanding the Robotic Work Envelope”; and Robotics Industry Association “Robots and Jobs.”

In addition to several educational seminars and live demonstrations put on by Stäubli Robotics, Stäubli Connectors will also have their Multi-Tool Changer exhibit at the event to illustrate advanced and reliable performance that greatly enhances the productivity and automated production line.