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Today, processors need powerful solutions – and that starts with innovation. Whether focused on soup, ready meals, sauces, dressings, seafood, baby food or canned vegetables and fruits, JBT delivers the right solution at the right time. From single pieces of equipment through complete processing lines, JBT will manufacture to fit each customer’s specific need in terms of the process as well as the product. By focusing on the specific parameters of the customer, JBT equipment is able to produce premium product quality, nutrition and taste while processing at the lowest cost per unit.

JBT’s portfolio includes solutions for filling, closing and seaming as well as solutions for in-container sterilization and aseptic processes, where JBT has established a reputation for excellence and set the industry standard.

“Food trends can – and do – change virtually overnight, often forcing processors to make changes to how they’re doing business,” says Jeff Dahl, Business Manager at JBT. “And to do that, they need a powerful partner…one that understands these changing trends as well as their business and can help them put together a solution tailored to their operation. Our history of expertise, coupled with our unrivaled dedication to R&D, means we’re able to deliver both the advice and the solutions our customers need.”

With more than 50 percent of the world’s shelf-stable foods being sterilized on JBT equipment, it’s clear that the company not only understands the market, but is also at the forefront of it – and not just in sterilization.

JBT has a long commitment to the food processing and packaging industry. Since it’s founding more than 125 years ago, JBT has installed more than 40,000 pieces of equipment, including more than 5,000 fillers and closers and more than 4,000 sterilization systems, making the company one of the world’s leading suppliers.

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Watch the video on JBT's sterilization solutions.