Freshpet recently unveiled the relaunch of its Nature’s Fresh brand following a year-long transformation aimed at making it the most planet-friendly offering in the pet food industry. Freshpet has long been committed to reducing its environmental impact through efforts such as recycling, renewable energy, and water conservation. The Nature’s Fresh brand takes those efforts even further, featuring certified humanely raised proteins and a goal to be 100% regeneratively sourced by 2025. 

“We’ve been on a journey to accelerate our commitment to creating products that are not only better for our pets but are kinder to the planet,” said Scott Morris, president and co-founder, Freshpet.  “The relaunch of Nature’s Fresh is fundamental to the future of our business, helping us achieve our ambition to reduce our environmental impact and make every bowl matter.” Morris says helping create a more sustainable world includes how food is produced for pets, and that pet parents can feel confident that with Nature’s Fresh they’re selecting the most sustainable alternative to conventional pet food. 

Reducing Environmental Impact 

As an accredited sustainable business by the Pet Sustainability Coalition, Freshpet’s commitments to the environment are integrated into all aspects of creating Nature’s Fresh, from sourcing and kitchen practices to packaging.   

  • Ingredients and Sourcing: Freshpet partners with family farmers who share the brand’s values and concern with animal welfare, and who practice sustainable farming practices, including regenerative agriculture, that help to restore the health of the soil and the biodiversity of their farms. All animal proteins in Nature’s Fresh recipes are humanely raised and responsibly sourced, including grass fed beef, humanely raised chicken and organic turkey. 
  • Facilities and Production: When Freshpet Kitchens produce Nature’s Fresh, every bit of waste is reused, recycled, or transformed into energy. Freshpet’s eco-friendly kitchens harvest rainwater, are landfill free and are powered by wind energy. Nature’s Fresh is 100% Carbon Neutral through scopes 1, 2 and 3 – emissions that Freshpet has not been able to eliminate through their efforts are matched with carbon offsets to ensure a healthier climate for future generations.  
  • Packaging: Nature’s Fresh is 100% Plastic Neutral through its partnership with rePurpose Global. For every package of Nature’s Fresh sold, rePurpose will remove the equivalent amount of ocean-bound plastic waste from regions with poor waste collection infrastructure.  

“Our team understands that aligning with the right partners helps make us a smarter and more accountable brand,” added Morris. “We’re making decisions that are driving change, and I’m proud that Nature’s Fresh can take a leading role in helping transform our business as well as the industry.” Freshpet partners include Global Animal Partnership, The Pet Sustainability Coalition, Conservative International and rePurpose Global.  

Arbor Day Foundation Partnership 

To celebrate the relaunch of Nature’s Fresh, Freshpet is partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation, the largest member nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees, to launch a new environmental grant created with pets in mind. Qualifying community dog parks and pet-friendly spaces nationwide can receive funding to plant and maintain trees that will help provide shade, mitigate storm water runoff, and beautify their parks. 

“Community tree canopies play a vital role in the health and wellness of people, and their positive impact can extend to pets as well,” said Dan Lambe, chief executive of the Arbor Day Foundation. “We’re excited to partner with Freshpet on this grant program to improve pet-friendly parks and bring the unique benefits of trees to these important community spaces.” 

Freshpet understands the far-reaching benefits of trees for people and pets, and as part of its partnership with the Foundation, it’s also giving away up to 500 trees through the organization’s Community Canopy program beginning in early October. Through the program, consumers can reserve a two- to four-foot, one gallon tree native to their area.  

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