QuadPackaging (quadpackaging.com), a leading provider of comprehensive packaging solutions, today announced its optimized GlobalPassport™ brand management service, a customer-centric offering that protects brand identity and ensures quality and consistency of cartons, tags, labels and other packaging products from concept to shipment across the globe. In addition, this enhanced service platform delivers innovative packaging design while increasing speed to market, all at a lower total cost.

“When a customer is headquartered in the United States but manufactures its packaging halfway around the world, inherent challenges are posed on the brand, its people and the packaging itself,” says Tom Garland, president of QuadPackaging. “GlobalPassport builds on our decades of experience in understanding customer and consumer needs to provide a local service with global reach and the personalized service that is a hallmark of QuadPackaging."

GlobalPassport is a sophisticated combination of centralized pre-production, rigorous quality assurance systems, and regional expert support both within the United States and abroad to get consistently high-quality packaged products on store shelves faster and ultimately drive consumer engagement. Customers collaborate with a localized team of brand experts who identify specific pain points within the supply chain that affect brand marketing, such as reproduction inconsistencies or functional issues on the retail shelf. Customers are then equipped with a highly customizable end-to-end global brand management solution that maintains integrity and quality from design and engineering to printing, labeling, inventory management and shipment.

The customer-centric service model is supported by the customized technology platform, GlobalPassport Enterprise Management. The web-based project management and pre-production approval system provides a secure, user-friendly server that ensures data protection and streamlines collaboration, asset management and authorizations.

“A cornerstone of the enhanced GlobalPassport solution is our ability to directly communicate with our customers and manufacturing partners no matter which country they are located in,” Garland says. “We overcome language barriers, time-zone complications and limitations in travel and on-site presence to eliminate any confusion between the goals of the brand and that of the plant. We recognize that the most modern technologies and adaptive packaging solutions can be at risk if clear communication is compromised at any level.”

GlobalPassport also controls 'in-country' billing from its global facilities currently located in eight countries, simplifying currency exchanges and diminishing accounting issues.