Global Closure Systems ( has developed a new valve dispensing closure to meet the needs of its customer DreamPak, a leading contract manufacturer of innovative hot and cold beverage drink mixes in single and multi-serve packaging.

With sales of over one Billion valve products in 2012 and the launch of this new dispensing solution for liquid water enhancers, GCS demonstrates its expertise in valve dispensing closures.

GCS offers a complete design and engineering service which enables it to develop a product from Concept-to-Closure within a very short space of time. By the way of illustration, it has taken only a month to develop this premium solution for DreamPak, with a high quality interface between the valve and the closure. This valve dispensing closure is produced in GCS’ plant in Libertyville, USA, on a dedicated production line with custom assembly equipment.

The water enhancer packaging brings convenience to the consumers as it can be used on the go and it delivers 20 to 30 shots of highly concentrated juice under well controlled flow conditions. The key element to the success of the dispensing closure is the performance of its silicone valve which must provide a single, straight directional stream, with consistent and rapid cut off. GCS’ micro valve has been designed to answer the particular viscosity of the product as well as the flow speed and dosing control. The slit is sealed in a relaxed position, then when pressure is applied to the valve the head moves in order to improve the seal. The pressure rolls on the valve head, the valve petals open and the product flows.