Zanders ( the German manufacturer of high-quality specialty papers and boards for labels, packaging and graphic applications, will display its new Zanpack brand board grades at Cosmetic Business in Munich, Germany, June 8-9, 2016.  The company will also display the cast-coated grades of its premium Chromolux brand. These are ideally suited for packaging high-quality cosmetics, skin and hair care products as well as perfumes through to the luxury goods segment.

Chromolux – the world famous brand name stands for a grade that has set market standards and for the cast coating that has become a generic name. The newly launched Zanpack brand would like to carry on this tradition. It complements the tradition-rich premium Chromolux brand with a product line of three finishes that are suitable for a wide range of packaging requirements and graphic applications. The main features of the new grades are the outstanding printing results as well as the bright and pure whiteness. Zanpack brings out the full intensity and brilliance of the printing inks. It is the perfect board grade for packaging that will be eye-catching on the shelf and feel pleasant to the touch.

In addition to the one-sided, double-coated Zanpack silk grade with functional reverse side treatment, Zanders will also display at Cosmetic Business the Zanpack silk² grade, which features a two-sided double coat. This gives the packaging a silken feel both inside and out and ensures identical print results on the front and back. Zanpack touch is an uncoated board whose pleasantly rough surface has a natural look and feel that underscores the natural character of a brand. All the Zanpack grades are UV light resistant, offer good stiffness, a high degree of dimensional stability and very good embossed, stamped and laminated properties.

For high-end products, whose packaging should also emphasize their exclusivity, Zanders presents the fine, cast-coated premium board product line of the traditional Chromolux brand. Its particularly smooth surface and high-gloss look is captivating. Chromolux is available in a variety of color and metallic tones as well as shades of white. It can be used for offset, flexographic, gravure and screen printing. And, thanks to its particularly high degree of smoothness, it is also suited for a wide range of refinements.

With Chromolux digital, Zanders offers a response to the trend toward limited and personalized packaging with small runs. This board, specially designed for HP Indigo and dry toner applications, combines the high gloss and luxurious feel of Chromolux with the flexibility and speed of digital printing.