Zanders ( introduces the new digital print grade Zanpack silk digital. With it, the German manufacturer of high-quality special papers and boards is expanding its portfolio to include a further premium grade with a silky smooth surface and outstanding printing properties. Zanders’ digital assortment also comprises the newly reissued classic Silver digital as well as the premium grade Chromolux digital.

“When a good print result is not good enough” is the slogan of the Zanpack brand. In line with this view, Zanders commits to high-quality board grades for the series, including Zanpack silk, Zanpack silk² and Zanpack touch, in addition to top-class print results and an extraordinary feel. This also applies for the new Zanpack silk digital grade, which was specially developed for digital printing. Zanpack silk digital is one-side double coated and designed for packaging that will be eye-catching on the shelf.

“Our new digital print grade will win people over with its tangibly smooth, silky-matte surface. It demonstrates excellent toner adhesion in just a short time, thus achieving an outstanding printed image in conjunction with its high-purity whiteness. Furthermore, Zanpack silk digital has superb lacquering, embossing, stamping and laminating characteristics,” explains John Tucker, sales director at Zanders.

Zanpack silk digital is ISEGA-certified, features odor and taste neutrality and is UV light resistant. The grade is therefore suitable for the high-quality packaging of sophisticated confectionary, premium food and drinks, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, as well as non-food articles and tobacco goods and for graphic applications. It is available in the grammages of 220, 240 and 275 g/m².

All digital grades, along with the entire Zanders product range, are manufactured in Germany under the highest production standards and from FSC-certified and sustainably sourced wood pulp.