The BluePrint Automation (BPA, patented RSDcase is a shelf ready display designed to erect, case pack and close like a standard RSC case. Carefully designed with the retailer in mind, each shipped case easily opens from the back, providing a clean, finished, machine cut front display; eliminating unwanted torn front panels.

The RSDcase is Ideal for stand up pouches and bags of food product such as cheese, snacks and baked goods.

With the new RSDcase, packing both shelf ready and standard RSC cases on the same machine is simple! Now, pack RSC cases and retail ready on the same machine! How? Simply, horizontally pack the RSDcase using a BPA DELTA top load case packing solution to form a shelf ready case in minutes! Our “On-the- Fly” case packing solution eliminates the need for complex case-indexing and product collation, resulting in reduced maintenance and maximum up-time; an ideal high-speed solution for moving single products from one place to another. The BPA DELTA case packing solution combines high speed and high flexibility in a small footprint. The robot can manipulate single or groups of product to achieve desired pack pattern and maximize case volume. Smooth placement into the RSD or RSC case is always ensured!

The benefits include:

  • Erects, case packs and closes just like an RSC case
  • Case pack retail ready & RSC on the same machine
  • Easy to open carton
  • Good structural integrity
  • Shelf-ready in seconds
  • Special BPA closer available to close the RSDcase as well as a full range of standard RSC cases

BPA is a worldwide leader in packaging automation. Our mission is to deliver solutions that offer true flexibility in real world production environments. We focus on combining the most reliable case forming and innovative case designs with the most versatile product handling and case packing! 

Vision-Guided Robotics: Sophisticated vision-guided DELTA robots picking individual packaged and unpackaged items for loading into your container or horizontal form, fill and seal machines (i.e. stacking, carton loading, wrapper loading, variety pack / multipack, dinner tray loading and kit assembly).

Case and Tray Packing: Solutions for flexible and other tough-to-handle packages. We provide vertical and horizontal packing solutions; including end-load cartoning and wrap-around case packing capabilities for your retail ready packaging.

Turnkey Packaging Systems: Complete packaging solutions taking control of your packaging line from the end of processing through palletizing!