Mexican dairy cooperative Alpura has now added evaporated milk to its product portfolio. The products are sold in combiblocCompact with screw cap combiSmart from SIG Combibloc ( With this product launch, Alpura and SIG Combibloc are kicking off their partnership with an innovative product, as evaporated milk in carton packs with a screw cap is a newcomer to the Mexican market and offers a new solution for retail.

Founded in Mexico in 1972, Alpura is now the country’s second-largest dairy company, with around 6,000 employees and a further 7,000 indirect contributors (farm workers and suppliers). More than 123 farms are part of the company. Each day, these farms produce an average of 2.9 million liters of milk, which is then processed at the cooperative’s two production plants in Cuautitlán Izcalli (Mexico) and Ciudad Delicias (Chihuahua). The company’s product range includes more than 87 products from the segments milk, yogurt, cream, cheese, butter and desserts.

Alpura is now expanding its product portfolio with the addition of evaporated milk, and has opted for filling technology from SIG Combibloc to fill the products. A CFA 612 filling machine to fill products in aseptic carton packs combiblocCompact has been installed. This filling machine can fill a total of seven different volume sizes. The Alpura evaporated milk carton packs are fitted with the reclosable screw cap combiSmart.

“Evaporated milk in carton packs with screw cap is an innovation for the Mexican market. Previously, evaporated milk was mainly available here in food metal cans. For serving, people then usually put the products into a small pot or jug. But those days are over. With the screw cap, the milk can be neatly poured and conveniently portioned out directly from the carton pack. After use, the carton pack can be reclosed, so the product remains protected even after it’s been opened for the first time. This is extremely convenient for consumers. We’re very proud that we’ve marked the beginning of our partnership with Alpura with an innovation," says Antonio Fiumara, head of sales in Mexico at SIG Combibloc.

Jorge Aguilar, CEO of Alpura adds, “We are confident that with evaporated milk in reclosable carton packs, we’re offering consumers real added value. With the convenient, easy-open closure, the package fits perfectly with the convenience trend that modern consumers demand. The carton pack is very easy to open and conveniently reclose, because combiSmart has little ‘wings’ on the sides of the screw cap.” The closure is applied to the closed and sealed carton pack by an applicator after the aseptic filling process has taken place. There is no need for pre-perforation of the cardboard – the cutting ring in the flange slices through the coated cardboard cleanly and effortlessly with a single twist.