The family-owned German company Paul LEIBINGER ( has launched a new industrial inkjet printer for production in dusty environments. The special equipment of the JET2neoD keeps dust and particles out of the coder, guaranteeing reliable marking.

An important element of dust protection for the JET2neoD is the closed back panel that prevents dust particles or smallest parts from getting into the printer. In addition, the active housing ventilation ensures that air is continuously flowing out of the printer so that dust cannot get into the electronics. Thanks to the head ventilation, the printhead always remains dust-free, even when dust is present right on the marking position or when marking from below. This makes the JET2neoD ideal both for use in somewhat dusty production environments and in environments with very small particles such as sawdust.

For maximum production safety, the JET2neoD is also equipped with fully automatic monitoring of the air supply. The system recognizes when the compressed air fails and immediately initiates the predefined steps, such as a warning signal or a machine stop.

Like all LEIBINGER inkjet printers, the new JET2neoD also features an automated Sealtronic nozzle seal to prevent the ink from drying out even in the event of long shut-down periods. During production breaks, the gutter and the nozzle in the printhead form an airtight circuit. No ink can leak out of the circuit and no air can get in. This keeps the ink fluid at all times – just like a sealed paint can – and the inkjet printer is always ready to go. Even after long shut-down periods, the LEIBINGER printers are ready to print within one minute, without any cleaning cycles.

The JET2neoD with a protection class of IP54 is an ideal marking system for production in somewhat dusty environments. For customers who need a standardized, dust-proof device with special functions, the LEIBINGER JET3up PRO with IP 65 is the top choice!