With Italian downstream manufacturer Mariani, SIG Combibloc (sig.biz) now has an additional partner to enable it to offer complete solutions for food and beverage industry customers – from the filling machine right up to the palletizing.

For SIG Combibloc, a smooth production process does not end after the filling machine or the applicator. Without the corresponding downstream equipment that can keep pace with production, a technologically brilliant, fast-filling machine is virtually worthless. To enable customers from the food and beverage industry to utilize the full potential of the SIG Combibloc filling machines, the process must continue reliably beyond the filling process.

Stefan Mergel, head of downstream & procurement engineering at SIG Combibloc: “We consider it our job and our responsibility to create the conditions to ensure that the cartons filled on our machines reach the consumer safely and undamaged – even if we don’t provide the downstream equipment ourselves. For many years, we have an excellent partner in Meurer when it comes to offering our customers first-class final packaging solutions. That won’t be changing in the future, because the cooperation works extremely well. To expand the range of options for our customers and avoid potential supply bottlenecks, we’ve therefore decided to qualify another supplier for downstream equipment. We’re confident that with Mariani, we’ve found an excellent manufacturer whose range and experience will benefit our customers and ourselves. Together with our partners, we will continue to drive forward development in the area of downstream systems.”