Historically, when considering coding and marking solutions, you would have had the nuisance of scheduling sales reps, costly maintenance contracts, messy inks, unscheduled downtime… The list goes on.

“Coding and marking has a well-deserved reputation for being complicated, messy, and unreliable,” says Dean Hornsby, Brand Evangelist for Redimark™—a new company out to change everything you think you know about the industry.

First, there’s the company’s unique business model, which is highly focused on empowering its customers through its web-based platform. It’s evident the moment you land at their website, redimark.com. There, a helpful Product Advisor tool walks you through a series of simple questions to guide you to the Redimark products that work best for you and your company. By purchasing right at redimark.com, you only get what you need, without the hassle of assertive sales reps. Shipping is free, and there’s even a 30-day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee.

In October, Redimark launched with the TC12 Inkjet Coder. For being the biggest thing to happen to coding and marking in some time, it’s a surprisingly small device. Because of that small footprint, it’s easy to mount at a variety of angles when printing and coding on paperboard materials, plastics, bags, pouches and films, labels or aluminum.

“The TC12 is simple, reliable, fast and accurate, making it a breakthrough in coding and marking technology,” says Hornsby. “It operates at twice the speed (of competing TIJ technologies) when printing the same resolution, and has twice the throw distance and nozzle count for better printing reliability and durability.”

The coder arrives fully assembled and the touchscreen interface is intuitive, so you can pull it out of the box and be up and coding in just five minutes. The printing quality is accurate and consistent while marking codes at up to 400 ft/min. That’s pretty impressive.

Equally impressive is the ink’s dry time, which is critical for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers—especially those that use non-porous packaging materials like metal, plastic, varnished coated paperboard, etc. Just after being inkjet coded, FMCG products often come in contact with machine grippers, conveyor guide rails, adjacent products or line operator hands. So having the printed code dry within one to two seconds is a must.

“Redimark selected its thermal inkjet cartridge print head based on its ability to use fast drying solvent inks, while maintaining a long decap (print idle) time,” says Hornsby.

The TC12 cartridge also contains the print head and ink reservoir, eliminating the mess and complication that Continuous Inkjet Coders (CIJ) are known for. “When the ink needs to be replenished a new print head is installed, resulting in the best possible print quality all of the time,” says Hornsby.

Because you’re not re-using heads, you no longer have to deal with cleaning them. That means no more messy inks, make-up solvents, or filters—and virtually no maintenance. Which is one way the company has eliminated the need for those expensive service contracts.

Once you’ve purchased your TC12 Inkjet Coder, you get access to your own dedicated Redimark account. It’s a one-stop shop where you can set up coder notifications (like low ink), re-order ink, watch instructional videos and more. The coder’s cloud connectivity makes backup, storage, and retrieval of coding data fast and effortless. Plus, there’s a free Redimark app for your iOS or Android device that lets you capture and store images to create a visual product code library. Just open the app, take a photo of the product and send it to a coder. It’s that easy.

Redimark has taken a holistic look at the entire coding and marking business—from purchasing to installation, operation and maintenance—and decided to make it as simple and customer-friendly as possible. It’s a refreshing approach, and quite frankly, a necessary one.

The positive feedback is already rolling in. Users remark that the introductory price of the TC12—just $995—is far less than repair charges commonly paid for CIJ and laser coders. “The TC12 is the fifth date coding machine we have used to label craft beer bottles, but it is the first one that has worked without hassle,” says Mike Weksler, co-owner of Green Bottling. “As a mobile bottling company, the data our customers require on labels varies. Redimark has a reliable system that makes it easy for us to produce the necessary changes to date codes quickly, all at an extremely reasonable cost.”

The Redimark TC12 Inkjet Coder really is a revolution for the industry. Especially considering its low $995 introductory price and 30-day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee. Check it out now at redimark.com.