Juice Served Here is a daily ritual in health-conscious L.A. for thousands of Angelinos, attracting the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone. The chain’s storefronts are the perfect place to meet, slow down and enjoy one of more than 30 all-natural, proprietary organic juice blends designed to flush, detoxify, hydrate, and nourish the body.

At the center of Juice Served Here’s “Never Conventional” brand image is its iconic glass bottle. Unfortunately, the quality of the bottle wasn’t matching the excellence of what the bottle contained. Faced with imperfect glass clarity, along with a neck bead that made proper attachment of the product’s tamper-evident closure difficult, Juice Served Here sought a new supplier.

Berlin Packaging (berlinpackaging.com) and its design division, Studio One Eleven, stepped in with a custom glass solution that not only fixed the neck bead, but also right-sized the bottle to Juice Served Here’s serving specs. Another unique advantage: Berlin Packaging’s local warehouse reduced Juice Served Here’s operating costs by holding inventory and delivering it just in time to the bottling facility.

With production problems fixed, costs reduced and brand equity climbing, Juice Served Here felt comfortable asking Berlin Packaging to take on its most ambitious move to date – expanding into wholesale. Berlin’s global sourcing capabilities made it possible for Juice Served Here to successfully achieve its strategic goals with two new packages: a 15-ounce bottle for grocery stores, and a 12-ounce private-label version for distribution in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shops across the U.S. Both bottles are produced in PET plastic.

Since 2015, when the partnership between Berlin Packaging and Juice Served Here began, bottle volume has almost tripled – a result as healthy and satisfying as any of the juice company’s nutrient-dense products.