Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) recently launched GLACÉAU Smartwater Sparkling, a vapour distilled spring water with added electrolytes and carbonation for a clean and crisp taste. As they did with the original GLACÉAU Smartwater label, CCEP worked with Constantia Flexibles ( to create a pressure sensitive label that fits with the brand’s values. The label is designed such that a message can be seen through the bottle.  Constantia Flexibles created a label using inks with the right opacity so that the design could be seen on the front of the bottle as well as on the back of the label, viewed through the water.

Additionally, it was a key priority for both CCEP and Constantia Flexibles that the labels be recyclable. Therefore, Constantia Flexibles gravure prints the labels on Avery Dennison’s recyclable CleanFlake™ material. This is the same material that they use on the original GLACÉAU Smartwater so that rather than becoming waste, the labels will be retained and used to make new products.  The use of this material means that the GLACÉAU Smartwater business will recycle around 70 tonnes of waste each year and the carbon footprint of CCEP’s Morpeth factory will be reduced by approximately 80-100 tonnes of CO2 per year.

“With around half of the total carbon footprint of our products coming from packaging, we are determined to set the standard for sustainability in this area, and we were one of the first UK businesses to sign all three of the Courtauld Committee pledges. We are very excited to be working with some of the biggest organisations in the packaging and recycling spheres who share our commitment to support the circular economy," says Jane Buckley, operations director at CCEP Morpeth.