Two innovative rigid packages designed by TricorBraun ( have won awards in the 2017 WorldStar Packaging Competition, bringing the total number these packages have won to three apiece. The awards are for SmartMouth Mouthwash in the Medical/Pharmaceutical Category, and for Arta Tequila in the Beverage Category.

This year, judging took place in Vienna, Austria, on November 17th. Representatives from 21 packaging associations and the World Packaging Organization judged 292 packaging project entries from 35 countries. As a WorldStar winner, TricorBraun will be formally honored at an awards presentations ceremony and gala dinner held in May.

SmartMouth Mouthwash is a product that consists of two solutions that cannot be mixed together prior to use. TricorBraun's innovative bottle improved upon the previous packaging that required two bottles, two closures, two pumps and a dosage cup. The new dual-spout bottle design simplified the dispensing system, greatly reduced the amount of packaging material, and accomplished the challenge of preventing early product activation by keeping the two solutions separated until time of use.

For Arta Tequila, TricorBraun designed a unique and complex triangular-shaped bottle. Three years in the making, the custom 750ml bottle features both embossed and debossed customer logo-shaped triangles, while the bottle's decorations consist of both screened and pressure sensitive labels.

To be considered for the World Packaging Organization's WorldStar packaging awards, a package must have already garnered recognition in a national competition. An expert panel of judges then compares those winners to similar packages from around the world and the best of them are awarded the WorldStar.