Baseball fans who want to enjoy wine in honor of their favorite pastime can now find bottles with MLB™ team logos on premium labels printed by Labeltronix (

After a successful label printing for Wine by Design (WBD) on the Colts 10th Anniversary commemorative bottle, WBD, also the exclusive wine licensee for Major League Baseball, selected Labeltronix to print labels for the newest additions to the 2017 MLB Club Series Wine Collection. Labeltronix printed labels for the Yankees™, Brewers™, Pirates™, White Sox™, Red Sox™ and Indians™ to kick-off the 2017 baseball season.

“For the Colts commemorative project, we created a label with a raised quality giving it a football texture, now, we’ve tapped into the MLB vibe” says Labeltronix general manager Shawn Plunkett. Each MLB wine label is uniquely crafted to maintain brand integrity, while adding certain elements to make them as irresistible to fans as their teams are and enhance the shelf appeal.

 “We chose a pinstripe texture for the background as a nod to the Yankees pinstripes,” explains WBD creative director Lisa Salisbury. “The goal was to give a visual and tactile impression. Labeltronix worked with us on customizing the embossing plate. Also of note was the great job Labeltronix did with the raised emboss and gloss hit on the NY logo. Paper selection was also key. The resulting label conveyed the right balance of elegance and sophistication, reflecting the New York Yankees, and the 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve inside."

To get these “special effects,” Labeltronix first identifies just the right labeling materials, such as Classic Crest and Bright White Felt, and adds the appropriate embellishments in the printing process, whether foil or embossing. 

The wines are available online and at select retail outlets. For more information, visit