No Fine Print Wine Co. launched the latest addition to its family of wine, Lil Fizz, a highly crushable, slightly fizzy canned white wine. It's the latest manifestation of No Fine Print's mission to make wines without pretension that appeal to the inherent convivial nature of the drinking experience.

"Inspired by drinking a combination of Txakoli, session-style beers and light Mexican lagers, I wanted to capture the energy of the refreshing style of these beverages and bring that light, crisp taste experience to the states," said Ryan Arnold, partner and celebrated sommelier. "I love canned wines for their ease of use in the outdoors and how environmentally responsible they are. A canned drink that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, is in line with our vision for No Fine Print."

The canned white wine is made in the California sunshine from a blend of sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and pinot noir grapes with just the right amount of effervescence. The subtle fizz in Lil Fizz is achieved by adding CO2 at the point of canning. The 8.4-oz. (12% ABV) slim can is a little larger than a standard glass of wine.

Beyond producing quality wine, No Fine Print is a growing part of the music and arts culture, collaborating with like-minded visual artists and expanding into stadiums and concert venues across the country.

Lil Fizz is now available for purchase online and at select stores around the country.