Home fragrance options give consumers more options

Submitted by: Precise Packaging

Home fragrance is one household packaging segment where new options have been introduced to give consumers greater flexibility in the way that fragrances are delivered. Candles are popular, but flameless options are often preferred and in some areas, such as hotel rooms and dormitories, are the only permissible option.

The key consideration in packaging a home fragrance product is how the fragrance is to be delivered. There are numerous options available for packaging of home fragrances, including aerosol room sprays (both concentrated and non-concentrated), non-aerosol liquid pump room mists, wall plug-in units, reed diffusers, home fragrance warmer oils, and scented super-absorbent polymer (SAP) fragrance beads.

Non-concentrated aerosol room sprays offer continuous spray for as long as you hold the actuator down. These cans are filled with a lower load of fragrance (usually about 5-15% fragrance in the concentrate) and deliver a relatively wide-area spray.

Concentrated aerosol room sprays are also very popular now. These concentrated aerosol sprays are typically only about 1.5-ounce net weight and are packaged in smaller sized aluminum cans with a 20-mm valve. They usually have a metered dose which means that each time you push the actuator down, it sprays a controlled dosage so you have more control over the amount of fragrance dispensed. The higher concentration of fragrance (anywhere from 20-85% in the concentrate) in these spray bottles means you only need a little bit to fragrance a room.

Scented SAP fragrance beads have gained in popularity, especially in smaller rooms where flames or wall plug-ins are not an ideal solution (dorm room, laundry room, bathrooms, etc.). Scented SAP fragrance beads are a propriety mixture of rigid SAP polymer spheres, fragrance, water and several other ingredients. The beads grow and soften as they absorb the fragrance mixture. When the package is opened, the beads slowly shrink over time as they give off their fragrance without having to be plugged in to the wall.

Precise Packaging (precisepackaging.com) formulates, fills and packages a range of flameless home fragrance solutions, including concentrated or non-concentrated aerosols, liquid pump sprays, plug-in wall unit refills, reed diffusers, home fragrance warmer oils, and scented SAP fragrance beads.

“We built a custom production line that is capable of filling both solids and liquids, specifically for this product category, and developed a proprietary formulation that allows for a higher concentration of fragrance in scented SAP fragrance beads resulting in a stronger, longer lasting fragrance experience,” says Shaun Gaus, president and CEO of Precise Packaging.


Increasing consumer engagement with special effects printing

By: Michelle Leissner

From dishwashing soap to laundry detergent, the competition for consumer attention in the cleaning aisle is fierce. Yet few brand managers have taken advantage of multisensory printing innovations that make products stand out and invite shoppers to look, touch and smell.

Limitless possibilities

Special effects screen printing using custom coatings has evolved to where it’s possible to create an almost limitless variety of custom colors, textures and scents, from metallic finishes and glitter that never rubs off, to scents from freshly baked cupcakes to freshly mown grass.

Packagers can tap into psychological insights to choose effects that convey a specific mood, trigger a sense of nostalgia or amplify brand or product messaging.

Packaging that reproduces the feel of linen or burlap, for example, can reinforce a product’s eco-friendly claims by incorporating textures associated with nature.

Multisensory engagement

Sensory effects can provoke deep connections to moods and memories. Imagine a cookie sheet packaged with a recipe card that effuses the scent of cookies straight from the oven, drawing attention before the product is even seen. We’ve created gift cards that smell like babies and cleaning product promotions that feature disappearing dust. We’ve created packages that glow in the dark and packages that sparkle like diamonds.

But what we’re really creating is engagement that leads to a higher return on investment (ROI) on your packaging spend.

Hidden messaging

The possibilities for engagement do not end with the senses. Thermochromic and photochromic effects can be used to create an experience – useful in connecting with brand-agnostic millennials. Hidden messages can be linked to special promotions or discounts. A message revealed when touched or photographed can stimulate consumer interest and even jump-start a social media campaign.

How will you increase consumer engagement in 2018?

Messaging may vary, but the results are the same: Packaging that gets noticed is packaging that sells.

Michelle Leissner is president and CEO of H&H Graphics, LLC (hhgrfx.com), a state-of-the-art special effects screen printing company.