GS1 US now offers test cards created with a new, proprietary verification machine called the 1D Judge. The test cards produced by the 1D Judge will help labeling professionals, packaging engineers, research and development, and quality assurance professionals across all industries test the effectiveness of their barcode verifiers and improve verification reliability. 

Companies use test cards to challenge the effectiveness of the barcode verification machines they use to help assure that their EAN/UPC barcodes (commonly used within the supply chain and at point of sale) can be read accurately in the marketplace. 

“Improperly functioning verifiers can allow faulty barcodes to be circulated, posing a data integrity and financial risk to businesses,” said Carrie Wilkie, vice president of standards management, GS1 US. “The test cards created with the 1D Judge purposefully embed imperfections designed to challenge the verifier. If a company’s verifier can spot the imperfections placed in the test cards, the company knows its verifier is functioning correctly and can be confident their barcodes will perform well throughout the supply chain.” 

Barcode verifiers and test cards are used in a variety of industries including retail, CPG, and healthcare. Solution providers such as label printers also benefit from the use of test cards to verify their equipment. For more information on test cards, visit