Pretium Packaging ( has launched a 2-liter version of its SureHandle polyethylene terephthalate (PET) container, featuring its an integrated handle. The line extension is three-quarters of an inch taller than its 64-oz. counterpart, which launched last year.

This new technology creates new possibilities for many products—including beverages, foods and household and industrial chemicals—that could benefit from a monolayer container with an ergonomic handleware solution.

“We have had strong market interest in our SureHandle container and several brand owners are currently evaluating commercialization. However, we also received feedback that a 2-liter version would also be desirable,” explained Barry Sak, marketing manager for the food and specialty market, Pretium.

Brand owners in several food categories—including edible oil and honey—have shown interest in this new size. Olive oil, for example, is typically filled in countries using the metric system. The 2-liter also is ideal for honey containers used in foodservice and other institutional environments. Other product possibilities include cold-pressed juices, ready-to-drink teas, sport drinks, nutritional supplements, dressings, sauces, marinades, etc. 

Recently, the SureHandle container received validation by The Packaging School at the Rochester Institute of Technology that it can be used for high-pressure processing (HPP) food and beverage applications.

Because HPP does not rely on heat for pasteurization, this validation opens the door for products that are using this relatively new cold processing pasteurization to go to market in an equally new, disruptive container which will protect their nutritional and flavor profile. An additional benefit is that the cold processing enables the use of less expensive, linerless plug-seal style closures.

The container is easy to handle for both younger children and older adults, and those with physical challenges, compared to pinch grip or straight-sided alternatives. SureHandle also provides improved pouring control. It has been engineered for products needing fill temperatures up to 120 degrees F and can accommodate an induction seal or foam liner.

The container combines preform technology developed by Practically Impossible Labs, and Pretium’s injection and blow molding manufacturing expertise. The capability begins with the preform, which is structurally different than traditional straight-sided, injection molded preforms used to blow mold PET containers. This preform features an injection-molded handle attached to the side wall.

Currently available in monolayer PET only, Pretium has partnered with several vendors/suppliers who can provide additives such as UV inhibitors and oxygen scavengers to address barrier needs requirements. The integrated PET handle/body combination is made solely from PET, which facilitates recycling.