Youth, freedom, festivity, freshness and debauchery are some of the sensations transmitted by the new perfumery packaging line from Pujolasos. Her & Him, the new Street Trends collection, breaks with the industry's schemes for its development and fluorescent tonalities.

For the first time, a unique symbiosis has been created: wood, resin and the use of color techniques following the Street Trends tendency that highlight graffiti. These elements could be perceived both in the crystal bottle and in the wooden cap, developed entirely in the Pujolasos facilities in Sant Pere de Torelló (Barcelona), Spain.

Fluorescent pink is the protagonist of Her, aimed for women. For the men, whose collection is called Him, green fluorescent coloring has been chosen. Three different designs have been developed for both collections, that also include the combination of different materials in the cap, and the graffiti effect in all elements. With the design of the packaging has would transmit the youthful spirit characteristic of the range.

The new Her & Him collection looks to be available summer 2019. The project has been led by Innovation & New Developments Manager, Mrs. Gal·la Romera, who contributed her packaging innovation knowledge.

Her & Him, is designed for a youth, casual, disruptive, bold attitude with a highest acquisitive level public.