Ryson's (ryson.com) new Narrow Trak spiral conveyors are equipped with 6- or 9-inch wide nesting slats that provide a flat conveying surface without gaps. These spirals can run at speeds in excess of 200 fpm. The nesting slats have the capacity to end-transfer small cartons and packages or side-transfer small bottles or containers in a single file or in a continuous mass flow. 

The Narrow Trak spirals offer a larger elevation change capacity than what is currently available in the small package marketplace, states the company. The spiral conveyors are a good alternative to side gripper conveyors because they can run at high speeds and don't need to be adjusted for varying product sizes.

This compact unit is equipped with the Ryson proprietary low-friction chain slat arrangement which assures high capacity, high speed, low energy consumption, low maintenance and long life. This new model is especially beneficial for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and personal care companies.