Keystone Folding Box Co. ( has  come out with a line of secondary packaging options for injectable pharma products. Available in a variety of tailored features and in both all-paperboard and plastic-hybrid formats, solutions are available for prefilled syringes, auto-injector pens, vials and ampoules.

Keystone’s collection meets a range of needs for vaccines and other medications, through options such as tamper evidence and child-resistance, all while ensuring product protection. The portfolio includes:

  • The Vial Pack line of cartons includes designs for packaging a single vial or ampoule, or as many products as a program requires.
  • A line of Injectable Packs is suitable for prefilled syringes or auto-injector pens, and can be designed to include ancillary items like sterile wipes.
  • The InjectaSlide package incorporates a thermoformed tray that slides inside a carton and into a locked position; a lock release button must be pressed to unlock and slide the tray forward for easy access to each dose.

Keystone’s secondary packaging solutions for injectables can be used for automated or manual production, and are ideal for clinical trials and full-scale commercialization. Materials used are compatible with the low-temperature exposure typically found in cold-chain distribution of injectable products.

Child-resistant features are available with several of the solutions and, for in-home use, multi-dose packs can be designed capable of prompting patients to administer the correct dose at the proper date and time.

“Our secondary packaging solutions for injectable products exemplify Keystone’s commitment to ensuring product protection and enhanced consumer experiences in every design,” said Ward Smith, director of marketing & business development at Keystone Folding Box Co. “Injectable medicines are often high-value and delicate, and deserve protection that recognizes and respects these special circumstances.”