ORBIS Corp. (orbiscorporation.com), a subsidiary of Menasha Corp., has acquired Hinkle Manufacturing (hinklenorth.com) of Perrysburg, Ohio. Hinkle operates a thermoforming plant in Dearborn, Mich., where it produces trays and other plastic components, in addition to serving the automotive market with highly engineered custom dunnage for part protection.

Hinkle’s plastic and foam dunnage expertise solves unique protective packaging needs with decades of specialized design experience. Founded in 1962, Hinkle employs 125 at its two locations.

“The expertise and capabilities of Hinkle Manufacturing expand our portfolio of custom reusable packaging products and bring even more solutions to the evolving and growing needs that we are seeing in the marketplace,” said Bill Ash, president of ORBIS. “Our commitment to providing unmatched products and services includes ensuring that our customers have the best options for their reusable packaging needs. Hinkle Manufacturing and our recent acquisition of Response Packaging will strengthen our custom solutions offerings.”

ORBIS also acquired Response Packaging of Piedmont, S.C. on April 2, 2018. Response Packaging designs and manufactures reusable custom fabric dunnage and fabricated steel rack solutions.