Tiche’s Lithuanian mineral water bottle offers exceptional strength and attention to detail in its new 750ml bottle. Ardagh Group’s (ardaghgroup.com) in-house design team developed the bottle profile in response to Tiche’s brief at the supplier's glass factory in Gostyn, Poland, where the bottle was also produced.

The new, larger 750ml bottle features the iconic Tiche crest, embossed with its ancient Nymph, carrying crystalline water straight from the heart of the Earth. This embossing has been optimized for the Narrow-Neck Press and Blow (NNPB) production method, which also reduces the weight of the glass packaging by 32 percent, helping to reduce environmental impact—an ongoing driver for Ardagh Group.

A key requirement was for the bottle to withstand a high carbonation pressure of 7g per litre, which was a challenge with the thin wall production method.

"The combination of two critical requirements—thin glass walls and high durability—was achieved using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) technology.  Working in close collaboration with the customer, our sales and design teams have achieved an elegant and curvaceous bottle with a tapered label panel. It features the symbol of the Tiche Nymph and is embossed with the number ’689’ on the opposite side, indicating the depth of the source from which the water is extracted," said Barbara Macialczyk, marketing manager at Ardagh Group.

“We're delighted with how we’ve achieved a premiumized look through the embossed crest, whilst retaining strength in this new, lightweight bottle.”