Superfood brand Aduna has launched a new selection of nutrient-rich African Super-Teas with design by Carter Wong. The three main ingredients of the Aduna range—Moringa, Baobab and Cacao—are joined by Hibiscus and Turmeric to create the new range. Each ingredient is supported by a more traditional flavor, such as green tea or lemon and ginger, to offer a more familiar taste profile.

Vibrant patterns and colors crafted by Carter Wong differentiate between each of the five flavors. These original patterns adopt an illustrative style typical of African fabrics to reinforce the authenticity of the brand whilst creating standout on shelf and demonstrating the strength of flavour within each cup.

The bespoke graphic patterns are an extension of the powerful brand identity the studio created, with a bold type and vivid color blocking that positions the brand between health and beauty and brings these nutrient-rich African ingredients into the UK mainstream.

With the new super teas, the benefit of the ingredients is placed of greatest importance on pack, with the individual flavor profiles sitting underneath. The health benefits of Moringa, Baobab, Cacao, Hibiscus and Turmeric are clearly identified with an engaging, informal tone of voice, supported by simple graphics.