Brenton (, a product brand of ProMach, introduces the new and innovative RPX Series of configurable robotic palletizing cells. This series gives small- to medium-sized food and manufacturing companies the opportunity to quickly, easily and cost effectively advance from manual to automated palletizing of cases, trays, bags, etc. 

There are four unique RPX Series cell configurations available: one line in/one line out; two lines in/two lines out; one line in/one line out with automated pallet handling; and two lines in/two lines out with automated pallet handling. These cells feature compact footprints, ranging from the smallest 11.5 x 17.5 feet up to the largest 15.5 x 22.5 feet. The palletizers are rated at up to 14 cases per minute.

The RPX cells are delivered to the customer with two-pack patterns already installed. New pack patterns are easily entered via touchscreen display, giving food companies and manufacturers the flexibility to easily and quickly adapt to new orders and customer requirements.

The modular cells are easily disassembled, moved and reassembled as plant conditions change. The RPX series was also designed to ensure the safety of its operators, meeting Category 3 safety standards, as well as designed to sustain a long and productive life.

“Brenton recognized that many small- to medium-sized plants do not require custom solutions, but instead will benefit from affordable, configurable, and reliable modular systems that can be delivered quickly,” said Jason Enninga, vice president of sales, Brenton.