Heat and Control’s (heatandcontrol.com) new navigation interface, the New Horizon control system, is an information system that provides a way for manufacturers and operators to visualize live status and to receive timely advice.

New Horizon delivers the most essential information to help food production operators and maintenance personnel succeed. New Horizon features a clear touchscreen display and an intuitive interface that can quickly and thoroughly be understood and correctly operated. All relevant information is in one location where operators can get a real-time indication of the machine’s performance that is needed when making the necessary adjustments to keep a production line moving.

The system's operator-oriented touchscreens focus on improving daily performance and apply situational awareness themes. Clearly visible from a distance, the graphics show the line’s real-time performance visualization and indicate the next priority. The touchscreen contains only relevant information and straightforward language and icons; bold colors are used sparingly. The machine renderings and labeling match the actual layout in the facility and are consistent throughout the product areas, from processing to packaging. New Horizon provides status and recommended set-point information, and smart alarms give early warnings before matters become critical.

With an intuitive interface, operators are more aware of the performance of the equipment, can easily see what is needed for optimal production and receive intelligent performance advisories.

Manufacturers can expect reductions in downtime, meantime to repairs and waste. The resulting improved utilization of resources and increased line efficiency brings a high return on investment.

Advanced diagnostics help the operator be an effective first responder and helps managers be better managers with accurate information. Also, the Wonderware software supports most manufacturing execution systems and Internet of Things.

Heat and Control also offers comprehensive technical support — commissioning, start-up, parts, repairs, modifications and training to keep equipment operating at peak efficiency.