The Sidel Group ( has acquired PET Engineering Srl, further expanding the company’s portfolio including beverage and liquid dairy packaging solutions.

“With packaging increasingly playing a key role in any marketing mix, we are confident that Sidel and PET Engineering’s complementary strengths in packaging design, qualification and blowing process will bring the Sidel Group more business opportunities while offering customers a diversified choice of partners to materialize their creative requirements,” comments Pavel Shevchuk, executive vice president of services, Sidel Group.

Founded in 1999 and based in San Vendemiano, Italy, PET Engineering has a strong name in creative packaging design, solid blowing process knowledge and a loyal global customer base. Their integrated approach between design, engineering and industrialization, and the capacity to create a delicate balance between technical feasibility and creativity helped the company win packaging awards including a 2017 WorldStar Award in the beverage category and this year, the Golden A’ Design Award in Packaging Design.

“PET Engineering is perfectly established to help Sidel expand its packaging offering – especially regarding the design of containers for water, soft drinks, liquid dairy products and beer,” said PET Engineering CEO Moreno Barel.