The Asahi Super Dry Ice Cooler Pack is a collapsible beverage pack that doubles as a cooler. The carton’s interior has a special coating that allows consumers to add ice to the cooler and enjoy cold beverages without fear of leaking. The coated inside has printed graphics of ice cubes and water, and its blueish tones enhance its ice-cold appeal. Its expandable side panels and attached handles help to carry it and can firmly carry beverage, ice cubes and some water without leaking. 

The Cooler Pack is easily filled, opened, dispensed, reclosed and stored. Its structure design and WestRock’s ( CarrierKote, engineered for superior wet strength with PP (Polypropylene) film on the Kraft side and PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) film on the coated side lamination prevents water from leaking when the pack is used as a cooler. Because of this, consumers can reuse the package multiple times as a drink cooler. 

The package’s configurations for Asahi beer include six-packs in paperboard packaging and 24-packs in corrugated packaging.