Aptar CSP Technologies (csptechnologies.com) has joined the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council (HCPC), a nonprofit association dedicated to expanding the use of compliance-prompting packaging to improve patient adherence and outcomes, potentially reducing noncompliance-related healthcare costs. 

Unit dose and compliance packaging is of key interest to Aptar CSP Technologies which, among other innovative packaging, develops Activ-Blister solutions to protect moisture- and oxygen-sensitive solid doses packaged on blister machines. 

Activ-Blister solutions control the internal atmosphere of existing individual blister cavities, allowing for improved product performance and enhanced shelf-life. The company offers an innovative adhesive-free, patented heat-staking solution for applying its Activ-Film materials to commercially available blister packaging and without changes to the existing footprint of a packaging line.

In becoming an HCPC member, Aptar CSP Technologies partners with the only organization advocating greater use of unit dose and compliance packaging formats in the United States. Among other contributions, the HCPC monitors activities within the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission that impact the unit-dose packaging industry, voicing member opinions where appropriate.