Sustainably Yours Natural Cat Litter’s designs reflect the simple makeup of the litter and highlight the green mission behind this new brand. The packaging features a sleek white backdrop accented by pops of color and foliage. It also has a convenient window so consumers can see the clean, white litter and know the high quality of the product prior to purchase. The design, by Matrix Partners (, recently received a Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) award, which celebrates attractive graphics and the ability to establish an emotional connection with consumers through visuals.

The litter itself contains only two simple, renewable and sustainable ingredients — corn and cassava — which are highly absorbent, completely natural and stop odor on contact. The eco-friendly brand also supports The Rainforest Trust  and donates a portion of every purchase to the organization’s efforts to protect and sustain threatened rainforests, which is displayed on the back panel.

In addition to designing all of Sustainably Yours’ packaging and marketing materials, Matrix Partners will assist in the brand's overall market strategy and launch. “Based on the market research we’ve done in this category, we know consumers are becoming more cognizant of the negative environmental effects the litter they use can have,” said Kristy Boulos, vice president and account supervisor at Matrix Partners. “With their mission in mind and our strategic designs in place, we feel that Sustainably Yours will be well received by independent pet retailers and cat lovers nationwide.”