DS Smith (dssmith.com) received both a bronze at Superstar Awards for Red Bull Special Promotion corrugated display and silver for display of Nestlé Waters' Vittel Vrucht Aufguss infusion. 

The bronze was awarded for the category "Display main material: cardboard," DS Smith offered a basic format larger than 40 x 60 centimeters, product carrying.The display and packaging strategists of DS Smith produced an eye-catcher with a high-branding factor for the special promotion of the energy drink provider Red Bull. The corrugated cardboard 3D display adapts the Red Bull event car known from various action, sports, music, culture and gaming events. The high-quality offset-printed and varnish-refined adventure presentation in the look and feel of the brand guarantees maximum attention for the trendy beverages, as well as interaction at the point of sale. The setup draws consumers to the cans under the hood, in the driver's cab and the rear, and encourages them to purchase some for their next party. 

The silver was awarded for the category "Display main material: cardboard," counter stand or floor-standing display with a basic format up to and including 40 x 60 centimeters (quarter pallet), product carrying. Refreshingly different: With this display, Nestlé Waters makes you want to try its new, certified organic “Vittel Vrucht Aufguss” infusion: mineral water meets organic fruit. The unique manufacturing method gives the new “VITTEL Vrucht Aufguss” infusion its genuine, natural taste. The retail promotion display provides fruity impulses for the beverage available in two flavors. Well-visible, three-dimensional strawberry- and lemon-shaped poster attachments act as a central eye-catcher. The open, sturdy trays can accommodate a total of 60 bottles and ensure convenient removal of goods.