Yamato’s (yamatoamericas.com) high sanitary, fully automatic, servo-driven multi-point depositor features modular quick changeover from one fill pattern to another.

Yamato can offer solutions to fill trays, cups and thermo form applications ideal for snacks, fruits, vegetables, and fresh or frozen meals. With Yamato’s Multi-Point Depositor, product is automatically weighed and deposited cleanly into trays. This eliminates labor typically used to portion and fill containers.

The machine offers:

  • 1x2 to 6x6 configurable tray patterns, as well as multiple other pattern options.
  • Multiple package formats including cups, preform tray, thermoform tray and more
  • Single source integration with Yamato Scales
  • Tool-free assembly and teardown for ease of changeover and sanitation
  • 10 to 30 cycles per minute
  • No tray, no fill technology