Dr. Pharm Inc. offers complete packaging lines with bottle unscrambling, tablet/capsule counting, cotton/dessicant insertion, capping, sealing and labeling machinery. The machines are designed with fast speeds, ease of use and cost savings.

Features across the line include advanced touch screen / PLC HMI control panels, rugged stainless steel construction, the ability to handle a wide array of bottle/cap/tablet/capsule shapes and sizes, automatic bottle rejection (counters), Omron detection sensors (cappers) and synchronous speeds (across the line).

Dr. Pharm Inc. is a leading provider of solid dosage manufacturing machinery worldwide serving the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, vitamin/supplement, health/beauty and confectionery industries. The company's line of solid dose machinery consists of automatic capsule fillers, high-speed tablet presses, granulation suite & coaters, ancillary equipment, mixers, cleaners, solid dose hubs, and entire packaging and counting lines. 

All Dr. Pharm equipment are manufactured to CE, cGMP, FDA, GAMP5 and ISO 9001 specifications and are specifically designed to meet the customer’s solid dosage manufacturing needs.