The World Packaging Organization (WPO) has launched an opportunity to students around the world to participate in a competition to redesign the trophy of the prestigious global packaging award, the WorldStar. 

“The expectation is that students will really challenge conventional thinking and break the rules with off-the-wall creativity. And this will be the key criteria for judging success," says Rachel Bayswater, WorldStar coordinator.

The competition is open to students enrolled in college or university courses, undergraduate or graduate, anywhere in the world. Typical courses would be linked to graphic/product/structural design as well as those from material/technology and engineering. Only individual entries are accepted and the points to consider are:

  • maintaining the importance and prestige of this world class award;
  • commercial awareness – does it make sense from a financial point of view? Maximum cost to the awards organizer -  €35 per award;
  • transportable protective box for each trophy;
  • the prototype can be made of any material designs which demonstrate awareness of environmental issues through economic use of the material.

Winners will receive €500 from WPO and the criteria for success are:

  1. Originality and aesthetic qualities of the design
  2. Commercial viability
  3. The WPO / WorldStar branding recognition
  4. The quality of portfolio, which must include evidence of research and the development of the design
  5. Inclusion of a protype — a good quality mock-up to withstand transport and handling  (applicable to round 2 judging)
  6. A written summary explaining why the design is the best, how it meets the criteria and the material/s to be used for the final award
  7. Lightweight trophy not exceeding 0.0700 kg
  8. A design that can be easily manufactured in quantities

Closing date for entries is September 27, 2019, with results announced December 1. Judging process will be carried out in two rounds. The first one, on line, will involve professionals from IOM3, WPO member in U.K. and responsible for running the WorldStar program. The second round will be judged by WPO Marketing Group during the 2nd WPO Board Meeting of 2019, in November, in Indonesia.

Entries are online at