Lakeview Farms, LLC, a leading manufacturer and marketer of refrigerated desserts, dips, and specialty products, has won the Designalytics Effectiveness Award for the package redesign of La Mexicana. The Designalytics Effectiveness Awards recognize package redesigns that have been instrumental in driving brand growth.

“Hundreds of package designs were considered this year, and we’re honored to be one of nine to win an award,” said Greg Klein, chief marketing officer at Lakeview Farms, which owns La Mexicana.

As a regional refrigerated salsa brand, La Mexicana realized that making the move to national distribution would require a substantial redesign. The creative team partnered with Cornerstone Strategic Branding and started with consumer research. Twelve design concepts were tested, and it was determined that an element of the current design was recognized by consumers: a rooster.

As an iconic symbol, the rooster logo became a focal point of the design. The brand increased the size of the bird, added some vibrant color, and placed it at the center of the package. The brand name curved around the logo, and the team experimented with typefaces to capture the spirit of a farm market in Mexico.

Unlike traditional design competitions, the Designalytics judging process is entirely data-driven, based on sales performance in the marketplace and rigorous quantitative consumer testing. The redesign had a profound impact on La Mexicana's sales, halting a decline and returning the brand to growth with a year-over-year sales increase of 15 percent after its redesign.

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About Lakeview Farms, LLC

Lakeview Farms, LLC, is a leading manufacturer of refrigerated desserts, dips, salsa, hummus and specialty products, marketing products under several brands including La Mexicana®, Tabla Fresca Farmstand®, Senor Rico®, Rojo’s®, Tribe®, Salads of the Sea®, The Cheesecake Factory At Home® and Fresh Creations.