OFFBLAK, a lifestyle tea brand delivering blends that taste as good as they make you feel, has today launched in the UK, with branding by London-based branding agency & SMITH. OFFBLAK targets Gen Z and millennials driven by beauty, status and experience with an identity that encourages the consumer to "Drink tea like everybody’s watching."

& SMITH created a brand identity that brings a premium feel to a highly discerning Gen Z and millennial market, which & SMITH has playfully named Generation T. Stepping away from existing category design codes, & SMITH introduced a fresh color palette and range architecture that differentiates between the four core categories: Fully Charged, Chill Out, Glow and Caff Free.

Each of these four categories reflects the upfront benefits of the tea, aiding selection of the right flavor for the right need — whether that’s a detoxing tea or an enlivening, refreshing flavor. This is further supported by emotive naming within each category to reinforce the core benefit messaging, such as "Brighten up," "Spice it up," "Squeeze me" and "Down time," followed by details of the specific flavor profile.

On the back, packs include information on the caffeine level and flavors, with details of what the tea feels like, for example, "Finishing a yoga session"

To break the rules of tea, & SMITH delivered a playful look and feel through a collaboration with illustrator Thomas Hedger, using bright colors and fun illustrations that reference each category’s mood and effect. Each sub-range owns a specific style, such as a circular graphic or figure in different poses, with each flavor profile depicted by a new illustration.

Each slimline box, specifically designed to fit through a letterbox for convenient and smooth delivery, features the range information on the spine. Once lined up, the full collection becomes a library of tea that feels happier on Instagram and on shelf than in the cupboard.