A look at the latest in luxury packaging

Packaging for a Premium Positioning
Aligning with the new premium brand positioning of “simply better rum”, revamped packaging for Cruzan was designed to attract a more sophisticated, discerning consumer. A distinct, handcrafted iconic crest, inspired by the Nelthropp family coat of arms that’s engraved into the wall of the distillery, gives the brand a sense of authority. The bottle’s broad shoulders, contoured to work in harmony with the crest, convey a sense of pride. (Package design: Dragon Rouge, www.dragonrouge-usa.com)

Intense Taste, Powerful Design
Absolut 100 is a new 100 proof version of the famous Swedish vodka; the name is derived from the vodka’s quality. A powerfully sleek design uses a minimal, masculine color palette of semi-opaque black glass with chrome silver typography contrasted with subdued grey lettering. The approach conveys strength through masculinity, ensuring there is no confusion with the many flavored vodkas on the market. (Package design: Pearlfisher, www.pearlfisher.com)
A Dash of Decadence
Redesigned packaging for Godiva’s signature biscuits, coffee and cocoa collection is based on visual language created to evoke the products’ decadent essence. The new packaging has a look that works across the line while allowing each product to have its own distinctive character. A lockup housing the Godiva logo and product name creates a sense of a brand within a brand. (Package design: Bonfilio Design, www.bonfiliodesign.com)