Designed to capture the moment before ice turns to liquid, Finlandia Vodka introduces a redesigned bottle that it has dubbed Melting Ice. “Ice has been the central design motif of the Finlandia brand from the beginning,” said Webb Blevins, global creative director, Brown-Forman. “We wanted to make it a stronger element that covered 360-degrees of the bottle’s surface. But, most importantly, we wanted to improve visibility on the shelf and maintain the premium perception of the package while being true to our origins.” In addition to a new structure, the bottle features an updated, color-coded label that includes images of fruit to differentiate the flavors. A portion of the original 1970 label-a graphic of two reindeers locked together beneath a midnight sun-also adorns the neck of the bottle now.

June 2011

Package design

Structural design
Harri Koskinen, www.harrikoskinen.comand Kenneth Hirst,