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International Fare originates from worldwide packaging research at GIO Global Intelligence, Chicago. GIO conducts fieldwork in product categories in 27 countries to gain insights on how packaging appeals to local consumers.
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“Perfect” Packaging Proves Form Follows Function
The Japanese beauty aid market is the most competitive in the world, which makes perfect packaging essential. Pond’s Perfect Uruoi Cream and Hari Essence packaging system meets this extraordinary standard. The base of the container houses the moisturizing cream and the upper section holds the Hari essence. A pink tinted dome covers the spherical container, drawing attention to its dual function feature. The container sits snuggly in a stabilizer built into the secondary packaging, which prominently displays the bottle via a plastic window that wraps three quarters around the box.
“Point and Shoot” Dispenser is Fun and Functional
In a product category dominated by sticks and gels, Gillette's Right Guard deodorant stands out by having reinvented the spray. The easy to use thumb-activated side trigger is both usable and functional. The point-and-shoot vertical dispenser is a significant improvement over the more traditional button push. This new design allows for a more targeted dispersal of the product. Because the bottle’s nozzle points upward, the user no longer has to struggle with awkward angles and messy misfires. The large trigger is functional while its rubber texture gives it an expensive feel.