5 Tips to Optimize your Package Redesign  
By Terri Goldstein
1. Conduct your own pre-design discovery with inexpensive research techniques like crayon-color exploratory (see which colors your customer uses to draw your brand). Also, visit retail environments to see your competitive set as it truly exists. Take photographs (if feasible) to document what brands “own” what colors, shapes and symbols.
2. Conduct a three-bid proposal with retail shots and color, shape, symbol and textual discovery already attached to your marketing brief. Ask each contender for the least expensive path in which to create a unique selling proposition for your brand.
3. Ask about a fee structure for fewer design solutions in the initial creative phase (six to eight are usually sufficient). During subsequent phases, include more SKUs to optimize costs while also determining the viability of the entire lineup.
4. Investigate the capabilities of your internal creative team to determine if they can finish a redesign once strategy and creative is provided from an outside firm. Then set up a “brand vision” team of internal and external parties to ensure a cohesive pass.
5. Team with your design firm to avoid mark-ups and cumbersome day fees by purchasing competitive products, interfacing with the research firm, printer and all other consultants. And always assume the travel for presentations.
Terri Goldstein, a Manhattan-based visual brand strategist has restaged America’s brand icons for 20+ years and has recently formed The Goldstein Group. Terri may be reached at 212.946.2833 or terri@goldsteinbrands.com.