Illuminated Package
by Rob Croft
Lights up automotive products
There are many products within the automotive category that are used in environments with poor lighting, making precise work difficult. The integration of a low-cost light source into an automotive product’s package could provide consumers a tremendous functional advantage and set the product apart from its competition in this crowded category.

Our automotive concept demonstrates how consumer ease can be increased by integrating a torch into the closure of a package of multi-purpose motor oil.
The light is activated when the user twists open a mustard bottle-style closure. When the closure opens, it releases a simple contact created by the legs of the LED and the cell, causing the light to turn on instantaneously.

The light is mechanically synchronized with the opening of the closure and the overall effect is a clever relationship between product flow and light—assisting the user in the application of the product.

The configuration is based on a PET bottle, which is filled and capped—trapping the lamp sub-assembly with the closure. The lamp assembly has been treated to a “ball milled” finish that is closely associated with custom car accessories and doubles as a tactile hand-grip. Pressure-sensitive transparent spot labels showcase the quality and translucency of the oil.

The design demonstrates how a simple rigid plastic squeeze bottle can be hot-rodded with a sub-assembly to make your automotive products literally shine. BP