Beverage Packaging Redesign Wins on Many Fronts
By Jennifer Acevedo
Versatility was key when formulating an updated look for Kerns Beverages’ line of fruit nectars. The redesign involved developing new packaging that would be bilingual, would work across 47 SKUs and would translate to five different packaging structures—including a new single-serve PET bottle. The design would also have to reinforce the brand’s premium positioning, “Made with whole fruit”, which the current design did not effectively address. Another important objective was to appeal to Kerns’ dual consumer bases: Latino families and general market consumers.

San Francisco-based Philippe Becker Design (PBD) was enlisted to tackle the project and quickly set to work to establish a packaging design architecture that is more dynamic, multicultural and friendly, with improved taste appeal and freshness cues.

“I think two of the most effective elements of the new design are the increased prominence of the color palette or banner, which changes from flavor to flavor, and the way the fruit is presented as larger than life and more appetizing,” says Kerns CEO Bob Hill.

As part of the brand rehab, Kerns also decided to focus on a “personality makeover” for its iconic hummingbird Pico. In the past, Kerns had effectively used the nectar-sipping bird as a means to lend authenticity to its product and as a way to communicate with one of its primary consumer segments, kids. But even Pico needed a refresh.

“When we starting thinking about the redesign, we looked at Pico as an equity that already existed, but that maybe hadn’t been leveraged properly,” explains Hill. “In the previous design, Pico was depicted much like a ‘Scientific American’ illustration of a hummingbird. Now, Pico is not quite as literal, but instead is friendlier and more approachable.”

With this redesign, the Kerns label also became bilingual; primary English and secondary Spanish text helps prioritize information for the brand’s dual user bases. New packaging hit store shelves in October 2005, and initial consumer response has reportedly been strong. BP

The author, Jennifer Acevedo, is the Editor-in-Chief of BRANDPACKAGING magazine.

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