Couleur Caramel is a cosmetic brand with a strong ethical identity based on its respect for the environment and human relations. The brand, which increased sales by 400% over the past two years, defines its target group by attitude rather than age and uses its packaging to make that connection.
“We communicate a lifestyle that gives hope and responsibility for the future,” says co-owner and co-founder David Reccole. “The packaging is extremely important in our communication, and we always use recyclable materials such as wood, metal and cartonboard.”
Outer packs are produced using Frövi Light (, a virgin fiber paperboard.
Medicinal Bottle Communicates Wellness Proposition
Yoplait launched its health-smart Essence yogurt in a “potion”-style bottle. The brand includes six varieties uniquely formulated to address specific health concerns including osteoporosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight control, immunity and digestion. The extrusion blow-molded HDPE containers, supplied by Chesapeake Corp. (, are decorated with glossy shrink sleeve labels that are color-coded to identify each variety. Chesapeake worked closely with brand owner Glanbia Foods’ marketing team to ensure that the desired shape would allow for efficient filling and sleeving on existing production lines.
Fragrance Package Balances Masculine with Feminine
Fragrance brand Ineke chose a simple form for its packaging that could be used for both women’s and men’s fragrances. The structure combines cubic and circular forms; a square cap manufactured by Axilone ( rests on a cylindrical bottle made of heavy glass, which balances the bottle’s feminine curves. The packaging uses bakelite plastic with a matte finish to impart modernity. The cap has rounded corners and a subtly concave top surface with a deboss of the company logo, providing the primary branding for the fragrance line. A semi-rigid folding carton manufactured by Alliora ( protects the fragrance bottle. The paper has a warm, matte texture ideal for the photography, illustration and text that appear on three sides of the carton.
Keep It Cold, But Keep it Clean
No one particularly likes the thought of what the top of his or her beer can may have come in contact with during its journey from brewery to store shelf. Spanish beer brand Cervezas Alhambra has adapted an idea common in Latin American countries and incorporated a foil cover to help protect the top of the can from dirt and bacteria. The move is designed to offer piece of mind to consumers who prefer to drink directly from the can after purchase. The foil covers are found on 330-ml cans of the Special, Sin, and Premium varieties of Alhambra beers. With food safety issues increasingly on the agenda this type of packaging may become popular in other countries and categories in the future.
* This item courtesy of The Mintel Global New Products Database ( GNPD monitors worldwide product innovation in consumer packaged goods markets.