Say Goodbye To Your Cooler

In what could be the ultimate in “cold in hand” innovation, Tempra Technology and Crown Holdings have teamed up to develop the Instant Cool Can, a self-cooling package that reportedly lowers beverage temperature by a minimum of 30 degrees in three minutes.

When activated, a desiccant (a substance that removes moisture) within the I.C. Can™ works to draw heat from the beverage. To start the cooling process, the user twists the can’s base, exposing the desiccant to gelled water, which evaporates, pulling heat from the beverage. The heat is then absorbed by vinegar salt in the heat-sink chamber.

The self-contained can uses no carbon dioxide, CFC, HFC or any other compressed gas and is non-toxic, without risk of gas or vapor escape. The can is about the size of a 16-ounce beer and holds 10.5 ounces of liquid.

Tempra is said to be in negotiations with a number of beverage companies to bring the technology to market in the near term. Miller is reportedly planning to introduce a self-cooling can utilizing this technology next year.

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